Your Vision is Our Everything and our WHY

Our Vision


Quality vision for a lifetime. 

We do everything we possible can to ensure that our patients enjoy a lifetime of quality eyesight.

Better 1 or 2? 1. Friendly 2. Friendly AND Knowledgeable

Our entire team provides friendly AND knowledgeable service online, on the phone and in person. 

You choose how you'd like to receive appointment reminders. 

Phone, email, text or any combination. It's up to you. All environmentally friendly. 

Focused on your convenience. 

Hate paper forms and clipboards? We get it. Easy online forms take the hassle out of sharing your info.  

Your time is valuable, so we schedule appointments to minimize waiting. 

When you arrive, you'll find a clean, modern office. The waiting room is comfortable, but don't get too settled in. 

We only dilate your eyes when absolutely necessary.  

So if you like receiving those disposable sunglasses, we may disappoint you.

We love kids.  

Our doctors are parents too and eye health is important for every age, even as early as 6 months old. So bring the kids. 

Our optometrists spend as much time as you need 

to ensure you understand your eye health. 

We invest in some really cool technology 

(that's a technical term) to ensure you have the benefit of the most advanced eye care possible.  

If you happen to need glasses, you'll love our 4x4 try at home program.  

Borrow 4 frames for 4 days to see which work best for you. No buyer's remorse. 

We are a locally owned business. 

We are just like you. We have children and grand children.  
We want to support other families, our neighbors.  
We partner with local businesses, non-profits, and organizations to further strengthen our great community.  
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