The Precision Vision Edmond Story

Humble beginnings

In 1976 Dr. Larry Olsen founded Olsen Eye Care to provide the highest level of eye care to families in Edmond and surrounding communities. For nearly forty years Dr. Olsen built a successful practice one patient at a time by excelling in eye care and embracing the golden rule - treating patients the way you would want to be treated. Those core values are just as true today as they were 40 years ago.  New Paragraph

The Perfect Fit 

Dr. Olsen found what he was looking for in Dr. McGee and she began working side by side with Dr. Olsen in 2013, becoming familiar with his patients and the needs of the Edmond community. The two doctors developed tremendous trust and respect for each other and became so close that Dr. McGee described feeling as if she had become Dr. Olsen's 'adopted daughter'. As a result, Dr. Olsen was able to retire at the end of 2015 knowing that Dr. McGee was well prepared to step into the lead role.  

Olsen Eye Care becomes Precision Vision Edmond

Dr. Olsen left a legacy that carried his name and the best way to honor that was to 'retire the jersey' so to speak. Realizing that to serve the growing population and optometric needs of Edmond, the practice would have more than one eye doctor, and the name of the practice should reflect what every patient could expect: Precision Vision.  
Dr. Kyle Henderson joined Precision Vision Edmond in August 2015. Together, Dr. McGee and Dr. Henderson are committed to continuing Dr. Olsen's legacy by providing the highest level of eye treatment and management for families in Edmond and surrounding communities.  
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