Bevel Eyewear

Bevel Eyewear at Precision Vision Edmond
Classic, minimalist design combined with high quality materials. 

When it comes to eyewear, comfort is a key consideration, especially if you wear glasses continuously.  

Bevel is known for producing ultra lightweight (thus comfortable) eyewear using titanium frames.   Titanium is the strongest and lightest metal you can find for eyewear.  

Bevel titanium frames are not only light and comfortable, they are virtually indestructible.

Bevel engineered an innovative flexible one piece hinge into their frames demonstrating the strength and flexibility of titanium while eliminating a common point of breakage in eyewear frames. 

Here are a few examples of Bevel eyewear styles 
Stop by and try on a pair.  So light, you may forget you have them on. 

How does Precision Vision Edmond choose eyewear brands?

Dr. McGee has a passion for offering unique, quality eyewear produced by independent manufacturers.   

Many of the brands you find in big box optical shops and shopping malls are all owned by one company, even though they have different brand names.   So you tend to see the same styles everywhere. 

That's why you won't find those brands at Precision Vision Edmond.  Our patients demand high quality and want styles that are as unique as they are.   The quality is in the materials, the craftsmanship and the details.   The result is comfort and a look that you call your own.  

From budget friendly to the ultimate in luxury brands, Precision Vision Edmond offers comfortable eyewear designed to give you lasting value.  

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