Committed to providing the very best in eye care, that's Precision Vision Edmond. 

Insurance and FAQ's

Does Precision Vision "accept" insurance?

Yes, we accept most but not all insurance plans. Because there are so many plans and carriers, it's hard to print a list, so we recommend calling our office and we will confirm if we accept your insurance. If we do not accept your insurance, not to worry, we offer affordable payment plans that will allow you to get the care that you may need. 

Does PVE "participate" in my insurance plan?

This is a good question. If we don't participate in your insurance plan it's because it doesn't provide adequate coverage for our office to deliver the kind of eye care that our patients love and appreciate. 

If PVE doesn't participate in my insurance plan, can I still come in for treatment?

Of course you can. We will never turn you away or let you go without the care that you may need. What you may not know is that your insurance company may still pay 100% (or close to it) of your eye care with us. That's right! This may be true even if we don't participate in your insurance plan. Here's how it works if we don't participate in your insurance:
  1. Your insurance company may still pay for all of your routine check-ups at 100% (or close to it).
  2. If you have a medical diagnosis, you usually have to pay for your copay (that's true whether we participate or not). The only difference is that you may have to pay a little more if we don't participate in your plan. 
Bottom line: All you need to do is call our office and we will find out all of your insurance information for you. 

Does PVE have someone who can help me with my insurance or a payment arrangement?

You bet. All you need to do is speak with any team member who will be happy to answer all of your questions. We will process all insurance claims (whether we participate or not) which means no paperwork for you.  
Plus, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and all other major credit cards.  
We also have a partnership agreement with CareCredit that can enable you to make monthly, affordable payments at no interest. 
We encourage you to take the first step towards solving your eye care needs. Call us at 405-341-2062 to get started. 

Does PVE accept Vision Service Plan (VSP)?

Yes, we accept patients with VSP or Vision Service Plan.  Please be sure to mention this to any staff member so they may help you understand your benefits and how those apply to our services.  

Does PVE accept SoonerCare?

Yes, we work with patients covered by SoonerCare.  Please be sure to ask one of our team members about your benefits under SoonerCare. 
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