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The Precision Vision Edmond Mobile App & Loyalty Program

Why not be rewarded for taking care of your health? 

With the Precision Vision mobile app, it's easier than ever to achieve your vision goals.  

Whether you need to schedule an appointment, order new contacts, order supplements or get information on eye health topics, it's all at your fingertips. 

In addition to receiving great vision care, why not get rewarded for taking care of yourself? With the Precision Vision Loyalty Program, you earn points you can convert to rewards. Learn more below.

Available now for iOS and Android.New Paragraph

Signing up for rewards is easy. 

How to start earning reward points right away. 

1. Click the Loyalty button in the mobile app

2. Click the Sign Up button

3. Enter an email, username and password. 

4. When you check in for appointment, click on Collect Points and show your screen to a Precision Vision team member.  

5. That's it. You'l be on your way to earning rewards, just for taking care of yourself!
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