Try At Home Program

Try at Home Program

Ever come home with a new pair of glasses and heard
"Honey, are those the glasses you meant to buy?"

Say goodbye to buyer's remorse and that pressure you may feel when trying to pick out a pair of frames in the eye boutique.  
Precision Vision Edmond has solved that problem with our 4x4 Try At Home Program.  
Here's how it works:
  1. Our professional staff will help you select frames that will fit your personality and help you look your best. 
  2. Borrow 4 frames and take them home with you for 4 days. 
  3. Try them on with different clothing from business wear to casual wear. 
  4. Get feedback from people you trust. 
  5. Bring them back, tell us which ones you want and we'll do the rest. If needed, you can borrow another four frames and repeat the process until you find the perfect pair(s).  
It's that simple and convenient. No waiting for mail delivery or hassle with sending them back. 
If you like more than one pair, ask us about discounts for multiple pairs.  
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