Back to School 2017

Without an eye exam, this could be how your child sees the world. 

1 in 4 Kids Have Learning Problems
80% are Vision Related

Undiagnosed vision problems 
can often be mistaken as ADD or ADHD

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The Most Important Item on Your Back to School List Should be An Eye Exam

Preparing for the new school season can be exciting for both parents and children, and it may seem there isn't enough time to get everything done. 

The kids may need new clothes, shoes or sports uniforms and gear and no list would be complete without some new school supplies. 

While it isn't nearly as exciting, there is one item that should be on every parents checklist for their children:  an eye exam. 

Whether it's academics or sports, vision accounts for about 80% of all learning and if your child struggles to see clearly, school and sports performance can suffer.  

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Invisible Changes in Our Kids

As our children grow, nearly all of the changes they go through are visible to us.  Yesterday their clothes fit just fine, today they are too small.  They need new shoes, they need a hair cut.  

If a change isn't visible, it can be easily overlooked.  Our eyes actually grow and change over time as well.  If they didn't we'd look pretty funny with tiny eyeballs in a larger head.  

As we grow, the eye expands in diameter and that can change how we see things.   So, if you notice that your child has experienced a recent growth spurt, there are some things you can look for to signal if their vision is also changing.  

How to make the invisible, visible. 

We created a checklist to help parents notice behaviors that could signal vision changes in children.  

We've also included some tips to protect young eyes as they develop. 

Download and print the checklist and pin it to a bulletin board or to your fridge.  It's free to anyone, no email or anything  needed. 

We have also pulled together a number of other resources to help parents stay on top of the risks of electronics along with other helpful information below. 

As a parent you want to give your child every chance to succeed in the new school year.   One of the best things you can do is ensure they can see as clearly as possible.  That's why an eye exam should be the most important item on your back to school list.  Precision Vision Edmond would be honored to help you check that item off your list.  Contact us today.  405-341-2062
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