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Precision Vision Edmond introduces TrueTear by Allergan

Allergan, one of the most trusted names in medical products, have selected Precision Vision Edmond as the first vision care center in Oklahoma to prescribe its newest innovative treatment for chronic dry eye.  

TrueTear is a novel approach to treating patients suffering from dry eye disease. 

TrueTear provides patients with a new way to temporarily increase natural tear production with user-controllable neurostimulation.  

Neurostilmulation has been used in the medical industry for over 30 years as a safe and effective means to treat a myriad of illnesses.  

TrueTear offers new hope for dry eye sufferers.  Learn how in this short video.  

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No-Drug, No-Drop treatment for chronic dry eyes. 

Dr. Selina McGee, of Precision Vision Edmond says. “There are very few things in the medical world that truly shift paradigms in how we treat patients. I believe this will be one of those and I am truly excited to be able to offer this treatment to our patients that are suffering from chronic dry eye. "

"The awesome part about this is that nothing we do medically can replace what our bodies make. Our tears have over 1500 different proteins, it’s very complex. True Tear doesn’t try to replace anything it just tells your body what it needs to do. It’s amazing!”  

Oklahoma City is the 17th driest city in the US and when you add the Oklahoma wind to the equation, our climate can be brutal for people who have dry eyes. 

That's why we have invested in both knowledge and technology to provide our patients with the most accurate diagnosis and greatest range of treatment choices. 

When it comes to dry eyes, Precision Vision Edmond offers more treatment options than any other eye clinic in Oklahoma.  Schedule your dry eye exam today. 
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