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September 7, 2021

The doctors and team at Precision Vision Edmond were thrilled by the community response to the Vision is Fundamental campaign.  According to Dr. Selina McGee, "Thanks to our patients, family, friends and partners, our message about the connection between learning challenges and vision was seen by nearly 7,000 people." 

Dr. Kyle Henderson added "Precision Vision Edmond is excited to be able to donate vision services to 10 at-risk students and we were able to double the number of children who will receive back to school clothing through our partnership with U R Special."  

Dr. McGee commented "One of the reasons I became an optometrist is because I had very poor eyesight as a child.  Even now I can remember how amazing it was to see so much more the first time I put on a pair of glasses.  I want to make sure other kids don't have to struggle with learning the way I did and thanks to the online community, many more people are aware of the impact vision has on learning."  

Thank you again to everyone who helped share our message.  

Precision Vision Edmond Launches
Vision is Fundamental Community Challenge

Edmond Oklahoma is a wonderful community with so much going for it.  Yet amid all of the prosperity and success there are still those who struggle to make ends meet, and when that happens, many of the necessities we take for granted become out of reach for those in need. 

That's why this back to school season Precision Vision Edmond wants to provide at-risk children with the gift of vision, and more.  
Studies have shown that nearly 80% of what children learn is visually based.  From reading to working on the chalkboard to watching instructional videos or looking through a microscope.  With the majority of learning difficulties being tied to vision, an eye exam and corrective lenses can easily remove this challenge and put kids on a path for success. 

To help create awareness about the importance of vision and learning we have launched our Vision is Fundamental Community Challenge.   We know that when we come together as a community we can have tremendous impact.  So we are asking the Edmond community to spread the word on Facebook.  We set a goal of 10,000 shares by August 15th to maximize the impact of the back to school message.  

We have no doubt we will reach our goal and when we do, we will all be helping 20 at-risk Edmond children receive eye exams and vision correction if needed.  To also help those kids get off to a great start this school season, we will be stuffing 20 brand new backpacks full of school supplies.  

In addition, Precision Vision Edmond is donating a percentage of all proceeds  from August through September to UR Special, an Edmond non-profit that provides at-risk children with new clothes, shoes and coats for school. 

We would love to see the Edmond community encourage their vision care provider to contact us and learn how they too can get involved and partner with us to help even more Edmond at-risk children.  

For more information contact Precision Vision Edmond at 405-341-2062 or

Visit our Facebook page at and be sure to share our Vision is Fundamental post. 
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