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Our Digital Marketing Partner

We began working with WSI-Summit in January 2016 for our digital marketing needs.  Before finding Gunnar Hood, the owner of WSI-Summit, we had tried working with four other agencies without success.  The difference has been both refreshing and rewarding. 

Other agencies only seemed interested in delivering a product, not results.   From the first interaction with WSI, our conversations were focused on strategy and desired outcomes, not products.  Gunnar took the time to listen and understand what was important to me and then mapped out a strategy to achieve those goals.  Another thing that made WSI stand out differently than other agencies from the onset was their desire to build the right metrics to track progress and hold themselves accountable.    

Gunnar and his team have vast business experience and capabilities they bring to the table.   Gunnar has over 20 years experience running large customer service operations, so he is able to offer insight and suggestions that help our team make the most of every opportunity produced from our marketing efforts.  WSI has specialized in digital marketing since 1995, building strategic partnerships with Google, Hubspot, Microsoft and many others which brings thought-leadership and solutions most agencies can't offer.

How to Contact WSI-Summit

Gunnar Hood
Principal, Chief Digital Officer

You check your eyes annually, doesn't your web presence deserve the same?

If you are happy with the results you are getting from your digital presence, that's great, in fact, that's how it should be. 

On the other hand, if you aren't sure or you know that your online presence should be bringing in more new patients, maybe it's time for a digital review. 

We encourage our patients to get an annual eye exam for prevention and fine tuning of their vision.  A digital review is similar in that it takes a comprehensive look at your online presence and evaluates it relative to your local competition.  

You may find that you are doing everything right and should keep up the good work, or maybe a few minor adjustments can make the difference from 20/100 to 20/20 performance.  

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